Another Exposé Against The Enemy....




Welcome to the OHOL YAOHÚSHUA webpage where the truth really hurts and is painful to the feelings, but it sure does powerfully deliver people from all lies and deceptions.

Because the true Messiah YAOHÚSHUA is the Truth that sets people free.

And if He (YAOHÚSHUA) sets you free, you shall be truly free!

Let us now read and hearken to what YÁOHU UL declared in the holy book of the prophet Yarmi-YÁOHU (Jeremiah), chapter 8:1-13, from the Holy Scriptures:


1 In that day, the enemy will break open the graves of the kings and government authorities of YAOHÚ-dah (Judah), and the graves of the priests, prophets, and common people of Yaohúshua-oléym (Jerusalem).

2 They will spread out their bones on the ground before the sun, moon, and stars — the idols My people have loved, served and worshiped. Their bones will not be taken up again or buried but will be scattered on the ground like manure.

3 And the people of this evil nation who survive will wish to die rather than live where I will send them. I, YÁOHU UL Tzavulyao, the Commander of Heaven's Armies, have spoken!

4 Yarmi-YÁOHU (Jeremiah), speak to the people, 'This is what YÁOHU UL declares:

When people fall down, don't they get up again? When they discover they're on the wrong road, don't they turn back?

5 Then why do these people remain on their self-ruinous path? Why do the people of Yaohúshua-oléym (Jerusalem) refuse to turn back? They cling tightly to their lies and will not turn around.

6 I hearken to their discussions and don't hear a word of truth. Is anyone sorry for doing wrong? Does anyone say, 'What a terrible thing I have done'? No! All are running down the path of sin as swiftly as a horse galloping into battle!

7 Even the kasidáh (s-ork) that flies in the sky knows the time of her migration, as do the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane. They all return at the proper time each year. But not My people! They do not know the laws of YÁOHU UL.

8 How can you claim, 'We are wise because we have the word of YÁOHU UL,' when the religious scribes have corrupted the Scriptures?

9 These wise teachers will fall into the trap of their own stupidity, for they have rejected the word of YÁOHU UL. Are they so wise after all? 10 I will give their wives to others and their farms to people they don't know. From the least to the greatest, their lives are ruled by greed. Yes, even my prophets and priests are like that. They are all deceitful. 11 They offer palliatives for My people's mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace.

12 Are they ashamed of these disgusting actions? Not at all — they don't even know how to blush! Therefore, they will lie among the slaughtered. They will be brought down when I punish them, declares YÁOHU UL.

13 I will surely consume them. There will be no more harvests of figs and grapes. Their fruit trees will all die. Whatever I gave them will soon be gone. I, YÁOHU UL, have spoken!'

This is what YÁOHU UL declares.



According to what we have read, by tradition, people of this world usually consult, serve and worship the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and other heavenly bodies.

We have learned from the Tehillim (Psalms) that upon gazing in the sky and observing the heavenly bodies in outer space, that we should admire the greatness, wisdom and power of YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator, Who made them all, for His glory and praise.

We must worship only the one true Eternal Creator: YÁOHU UL, and we must never worship any among His creatures and among His creation, no matter how attractive or glorious they may appear.

Worship the Eternal Creator solely, and not creatures!

Since the fall of mankind, people of this world began to worship the heavenly bodies in outer space, aside from worshiping statues, idols, figurines, images and other representations of people, animals, fish, birds and other things created by YÁOHU UL in the natural universe.

This is also one reason why the floods came in Nokh's time and why Sodom and Gomorrah were ruined.

Why? Because of the old serpent, satúr, or ha-satán, or satan, the devil, the tempter who tempts, deceives and drives the ignorant to worship him thru things created by YÁOHU UL, and not to worship the real Creator.

One of the names that satéer or satan has been using is the name 'El' or 'Elohim' - which is another Canaanite idol, used by ha-satán to divert worship to himself, away from the real Creator: YÁOHU UL, the Holy One.

This is what the idol 'El' or 'Elohim' really looks like:

Those who call on the name El Shaddai in their prayers and worship are really calling on satan. May YÁOHU UL have mercy on them and reveal the truth to them.

Biqtáv (it is inscribed): My people are ruined for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

That is why the teaching service of the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA is important for us!

Hodim ol YÁOHU UL Kaokám truly....!

Ro-eh-Ul YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY is He Who always guides us into all truth, because He is the Truth.

We need Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA to protect us from ha-satán who is deceiving the whole world, as it is inscribed in Kanódgaluth (Revelation) 12:9, Holy Scriptures.

And ha-satán began his doctrines and teachings from hell by spreading and popularizing horoscopes, consulting and worshiping the sun, the moon, the kokvlím (stars), planets and other heavenly bodies, and he appropriated for himself the planet with the horizontal band or ring around it which he named after himself: Saturn, as he began to deceive mankind.

In archaic Hebrew, the actual name of satan is 'satúr' 'satéer' or 'satór' (with the syllable 'sat' pronounced like in the word 'satellite') - and this means the 'goat.'

Another word for the 'goat' in archaic Hebrew is 'akko' - the old, ugly, horned goat.

This is what the old, ugly, horned goat or ha-satán looks like:

Ha-satán also named the different days of the week in honor of the planets and pagan cult idols, as taught and adopted even until now, in many schools, universities and colleges, being part of Greek, Roman, Chinese, Norse, Canaanite and other pagan mythologies and legends.

The first day of the week was called 'Sunday' - in honor of the Sun God.

The second day of the week was called 'Monday' - in honor of the Moon God.

The third day of the week was called 'Tuesday' - in honor of the planet Mars.

The fourth day of the week was called 'Wednesday' - in honor of the pagan idol Odin and the planet Mercury also.

The fifth day of the week was called 'Thursday' - in honor of the pagan idol Thor and the planet Jupiter.

The sixth day of the week was called 'Friday' - in honor of the pagan idol Frigga and the planet Venus also.

And the seventh day of the week was called 'Saturday' - in honor of ha-satán himself and the planet which

he named after himself: Saturn.

And ha-satán made the people of this world to adopt his ways through customs and traditions, handed down from generation to generation, since Cain, up to the present.

So people have been worshiping these idols and heavenly bodies knowingly or not, deliberate or not, but they are still pagan and satanic in origins.

The scriptural way of referring to the different days of the week are in accordance with their numbered sequence: First day of the week, second day of the week, third day of the week, and so on, until the day of Shabbos, which is the seventh day of holiness and rest.

So in Hebrew, they are called: Yom rishon, yom sheni, yom shelishi, and so on, until the seventh day which is yom Shabbos or Shabbos day.

What satan popularized in the world are stupidities and foolishness, meant to divert people's focus, glorying and worship to idols and heavenly bodies, away from the true Eternal Creator: YÁOHU UL, the Holy One of Yaoshorúl (Israel).

Because BIQTÁV (or it is inscribed), ha-satán is he who deceives the whole world.

It is much better for you to use the Hebrew calendar, and not the Gregorian calendar popularized by the Roman Catholic Pope Gregory.

In the modern Hebrew calendar, names of months also contain names of pagan idols, so it is better to refer to the different months of the year in numerical sequence also like in the days of the week.

The first month, the second month, the third month, and so on. The first month being the month of Abib, as what the Scriptures stipulate in Shuamós (Exodus) 12:2.

The assignment of the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA is important for He always safeguards us from all tricks, tactics, lies and deceptions of ha-satán, our archenemy.

Hodayao (thanks) to YÁOHU UL Yaoro-éh, our Guide and Guard.

Satur o ha-satán has to deceive people and hide himself because if he really, actually shows up himself, because of his ugliness and disgusting, horrible appearance, people will quickly shun, renounce, and reject him.

So he has to deceive and trick people in secrecy and stealth, to make people obey and worship him, even indirectly or by proxy.

Because his mission is to keep people away from YÁOHU UL, and bring them with him to hell, the fiery place of eternal torment which was prepared for him and his minions of fallen angels.

But they want to bring humans along with them, too.

So you better be careful because someone out there has a mission to bring you to hell with him, whether you like it or not.

So ha-satán adopted and popularized the characteristics of the planet Saturn to be his symbol or sigil.

Since he is the prince of the power of the air, he made to appear a pentagram inside a hexagram on the north pole of the planet Saturn, and an all-seeing eye of cloud beneath on the south pole.

Same way he can whip up a hurricane, tornado, storm or typhoon. Because he is the prince of the power of the air.

Yes, ha-satán has some limited power, which YÁOHU UL permitted, to test people's loyalty and allegiance, and to differentiate between honest seekers of the Eternal Creator from those who are only after power, miracles, healing and wonders.

Among all the planets in our solar system, the planet called by the world 'Saturn' is the only planet which has a pentagram inside a hexagram on its north pole, as proven by the Cassini space prober sent by NASA.

So how should we call the names of the planets?

Best to call them in numerical sequence also, beginning from the first to the last, whichever is nearest the sun first, up to the outermost planet in our solar system.

This way, we avoid mentioning the names of pagan idols and of satan himself.

The word 'pentagram' refers to any five-pointed 'star.'

The word 'hexagram' refers to any six-pointed 'star' - usually called the Star of David.

But David had no shield with that shape.

That is only one among the many doctrines and traditions of demons.

Unknown to many, these shapes and symbols have been adopted by ha-satán to be his own, and called them by the name 'stars' and 'shields' although actual stars in outer space are round-shaped plasmas and gases, and David's shield was never in a hexagonal shape, for that would be idiotic, if ever.

Like the ordinary shape of the representation of the heart, which ha-satán also adopted to be his own sigil or symbol, but truth is, that shape actually refers to the hidden (or occult) goat: Satúr himself.

And the pagan world widely glorifies the old goat satan thru these so-called 'heart' shapes especially during Valentine's Day. These are purely pagan rituals, holidays and observances. Nothing to do whatsoever with the real Eternal Creator and His Messiah YAOHÚSHUA.

The five-pointed pentagram actually represents the face of the goat, and this originated from pagan witchcraft occult (hidden) practices and rituals, and also in black magic.

Please take a look at these fotos below:

The hexagram or six-pointed 'star' is also one of the hidden symbols of ha-satán, and this is made up of two triangles superimposed on top of the other, but in opposite directions. When superimposed, there appear are three triangles pointing up, three triangles pointing down.

As there are three in heaven, there are also three impersonators, impostors, counterfeits and fakes here on earth.

As you can see, even demons believe in the correct, scriptural doctrine of the Holy Triunity!

Another meaning of the hexagram symbol is: as it is in the spiritual above, so it is imitated and mimicked in the natural below. Three-up, three down = hexagram ---> Satan!

Here you can see the 'all-seeing eye' at the back of the US Dollar money bill.

This is the pentagram-shaped atmosphere which is inside a hexagram which is actually visible on the north pole of the planet so-called Saturn, which we call the 'sixth-planet' from the sun.

Here, the hexagram shape (and cube also) in the north pole of the sixth planet is clearly discernible.

This is the 'all-seeing eye' shaped hurricane on the south pole of the planet Saturn, whipped up by ha-satán.

Although this planet Earth has been given to man thru Adam and Khavyáo (Eve), ha-satán or satúr deceived and tricked them into rebellion against YÁOHU UL and made them subjects of his wicked scheme.

At the outset, ha-satán really has no part nor authority at all to operate in this planet Earth.

So he usurped the authority given by YÁOHU UL to Adam and began his diabolical rule thru lies, tricks and deceptions.

Whatever is holy up there in heaven, he tries to imitate and corrupt here on earth, this is the occult or hidden principle of the hexagram, as instigated by the pentagram or the old, ugly and horny goat.

The pagans ascribed names of their idols and icons to the planets, consulted them, served them and worshiped them as their gods or false creators.

This planet is the god of war, this planet is the goddess of beauty, this planet is the god of the harvests, and so on and so forth.

Prominent among those who indulged in this pagan worship are the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, as contained in their legends, mythologies and other historical literature.

Observances of the sun, moon, planets and the stars led to the spread of the demonic doctrines of astrology, whereby a person's future or destiny is determined by the date of his birth, and the location of the heavenly bodies in the sky on that particular date, plus his daily horoscope or prediction, based on planets, stars, moon and the sun.

And then followed the pagan celebration of birthdays with birthday cakes, birthday candles, birthday gifts, making a wish, blowing the candles, and other pagan rituals.

The Chinese have their own Chinese horoscope based upon animals such as snake, pig, rooster, rat, and so on.

These are clearly doctrines, traditions and beliefs directly from the pits of hell.

Aside from being silly, ridiculous and, frankly, idiotic.

Anything ha-satán invents is idiotic, no doubt about that.

Belief in horoscopes is ridiculous, if not outright lunacy (or insanity), because events in our own lives each day is never determined by a person's birthday or the location of the heavenly bodies in outer space.

Events in our daily lives are determined by YÁOHU UL and this depends on our own behavior in regard to His inscribed commands, principles and plan for each individual He created.

And all this is clearly indicated in His Holy Word: The Holy Scriptures (Yaohúshua Version).

That is why it is very important for you to actually read, learn and apply the Holy Scriptures in your own lives every day.

And always search for the truth that will set you free from all lies, tricks and deceptions of the devil: ha-satán.

YAOHÚSHUA is the Truth that sets you free and gives you life, peace, abundance, wellness of body, soul and spirit, and overall happiness. And eternal life.

Because wide and easy is the way that leads to ruin, and many go that wrong way; while narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Christianity (or Krisaytanity or the spell of Satan) is the most popular religion in the whole world today, and has the most number of adherents.

Is not that proof enough that it is the wide and easy way?

Many go that way?

Most people on this planet today belong to Krisaytan religion.

No wonder.

Because it bears the name of its instigator and head: the hiding star, who is satan himself.

Are you a Kri-saytan? Better renounce him now if you really want to avoid the torments of hell.

YAOHÚSHUA is the real and true, one and only Messiah, Savior and Redeemer.

YAOHÚSHUA is the only saving Name!

Not the pagan Greek idol: Lord gee-ZEUS.

You are not Greeks, why are you calling and worshiping a Greek statue and idol?

Isn't that ridiculous?

And do you know that the name 'God' refers to the skull idol? And Baal Gad is actually found in the Holy Scriptures as one of the pagan idols?

Why do you pray to this 'God' of this world, who is Satan himself, and the Holy Scriptures clearly reveal this in 2 Corinthians 4:4?

It is not sinful to give 'hodayao' (thanks) to YÁOHU UL on your birthday, as long as the pagan rituals are not done, such as: birthday gifts, cakes, candles and other carnal hilarity.

Solemn expressions of gratefulness in Psalms, hymns and prayers to YÁOHU UL, with light meals and breaking of the bread ceremony are acceptable, all done in honor and for the glory of YÁOHU UL, not for ourselves.

Ha-satán adopted the rings of the planet Saturn to be his symbol or sigil.

This is the origin of the pagan ritual of exchanging of rings while making marriage vows, giving of engagement rings, rings worn by wordly men and women on their ears, lips, tongues, eyebrows, breasts and other parts of their bodies.

Why? Because that is the brand of their real spiritual father, ha-satán, who is the real lord of the rings.

What we should wear daily is Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and His noble character traits, along with simple, modest and respectable clothes; and not with fancy accessories and jewelry pieces, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and other vain trinkets.

Let us wear noble and exemplary character traits, and our success will be assured.

Although there are myriads of different kinds of idols, icons and statues in the pantheon of the pagan gods of the Greeks, Romans, Norsemen, Japanese and Chinese, each and every one of them bears one or two symbols or sigils of ha-satán, revealing to the keen observer their satanic origins.

Representations of the rings and the planet of saturn can usually be found around the heads of so-called saints in religious paintings and print media, but they are deceptively called 'halos' - to hide their true symbolism.

Those so-called 'halos' are actually representations of the rings around the planet Saturn, which is one of satan's sigil or signature.

The lord of the rings is the hidden instigator of those depictions.

This is why it is ridiculous to pray to, venerate or worship photos, images, representations, paintings, sculptures, figurines and other representations of religious saints, martyrs and personages.

This is one of satan's deceptive ways of stealing the worship of people from the true well-deserving YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator.

YÁOHU UL, our Father, sanctified be Your Shúam (Name), Your will be done.
Not our own will, but Your perfect will be done, always.

Therefore, you must not pray to, venerate, worship or bow down to, you must not serve statues, figurines, paintings and other images that contain the rings of saturn and 'hey-lel' (the Hebrew name of Lucifer), that's why they are called 'halos' - the rings of 'hey-lel' or Lucifer himself, satan.

You can clearly see in these photographs the representation of the planet saturn and/or its rings around the heads of the figures depicted in each of them, and these are your hidden clues to warn you that satan is right there in front of you, hiding, and tempting you to venerate, adore, respect and worship him, and serve him by offering candles, money, flowers and even fruits and candies. It's really all absurd, but many people are deceived into it! UL have mercy.


See more fotos here, click below please:


One of propaganda tricks, tactics and mind-control techniques is to portray people with seeming 'halos' around their heads, giving the subliminal impression to the viewer that that person is sorta, kinda heavenly.

But that is only the propagandist's trick.

And they are paid for doing that, to enhance the popularity of political figures especially near election time.

So watch out, you have been warned.

You must be very discerning.

But those 'halos' are actually symbols or sigils of the lord of the rings and satan, because those rings actually refer to the rings of the planet Saturn, Satan's usurped domain.

Another hidden (or occult) symbol of ha-satán, the goat, the serpent or the dragon, is the ever-popular pentagram of five-pointed 'star.'

It even has satan's name branded on it: Star!

And what do you see on top of Christmas trees? Why, satan of course, because Christmas is his birthday! And the pentagram or star is his secret symbol or sigil.

You can also find this pentagram or five-pointed star on top of Islamic mosques and banners. Together with the crescent moon, which is another of satan's secret symbol.

The term 'sigil' refers to a symbol made for a specific magical purpose, and it represents demons whom the witch or wizard can summon. It is given spiritual force and power by prayer, meditation, ceremonial magic, sex magic, and through other methods, to the God of this world (Satan).

Another secret sigil or symbol of ha-satán is the hexagram or the six-pointed star, which is deceptively called 'Star of David' - but really is not.

This is usually found in synagogues of Judaism, called 'Synagogue of Satan' in Kanódgaluth (Revelation) chapter 8, Holy Scriptures.

Read for yourself. Check it out and you will discover that this is all so very true.

'I know all the things that you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close.

You have little vigor, yet you obeyed My word and did not deny My original Shúam (Name).

Look, I will force those who belong to the Synagogue of Satan — those liars who claim that they are Jews but are really not — to come and bow down at your feet.

They will acknowledge that you are the ones that I truly love.'

- Kanódgaluth (Revelation) 3:8-9, Holy Scriptures

You will see that in the precise representations of Baphomet or the Goat of Mendes, that the crescent moon is always beside him and the Olympic torch is above his head, between his horns.

And it is no secret that the Olympic Games originated from the pantheon of Greek gods, with je-ZEUS as their patron.


Among many religious idols, statues, icons, images and figurines, you will commonly find this satanic symbol which is called 'Mano Cornuta' or the horned hand or the hand with horns, as shown in the photo below:

This is the symbol of the goat's head, the female version of the goat, which you often see in religious statues and in rock concerts among the avid fanatics.

This is the male version of the goat symbol: The ringfinger and the middle finger close together, and the pinky and index finger separate to appear like horns.

Look, even the Pope is telling those with open spiritual eyes that he is carrying inside him the evil spirit of the male version of the goat.

Remember, idols, icons, demons and religious evil spirits are BISEXUALS. They can be males, or females.

Look at the image of the false virgin Mary.

Dressed like a woman but with the male symbol of the goat in her hands.

Meaning: She is BISEXUAL also, with a hidden penis under her skirt.

She is the false Mary of the ignorant pagans, not the actual Mary.

Look at the left hand of the Lord gee-ZEUS, holding up a replica of the planet Earth, look at the fingers on his left hand, it symbolizes the male version of the goat or satan.

But, look! He has a long hair, which is a symbol of being a woman.

Lord Jesus is also BISEXUAL, because he is the pagan Greek idol-statue.

Now look at the right hand of the Lord gee-ZEUS, it is using the symbology of the three-fingers up, which is the upper part of the hexagram.

Remember: Three fingers up, three fingers down ---> HEXAGRAM and he is satan, for sure.

The real Messiah YAOHÚSHUA does not resemble the face of the person in the image or painting or photograph. Not in any bit.

Never. Our Messiah YAOHÚSHUA is not a Greek idol.

Our's is the Jewish Messiah, not Greek.

The Messiah must be Jewish, not Greek. Otherwise, he is a fake messiah!

The Old Testament prophets did not foretell or predict a Messiah that will come as the Savior of mankind to be Greek.

That is absurd and ridiculous.

The commonly accepted representation of the 'heart' is also one of satan's secret sigil or symbol; they call it 'heart' but is actually the head of satúr, the old, ugly, horned goat.

The trick is name substitution.

For example: Ha-satán has a bottle of arsenic which is highly poisonous and deadly, but to make people drink it willingly, he simply changes the label to 'honey' - and see, they all drink it and they die like flies.

Simply change the name and the gullible or the ignorant will accept them.

That is satan's trick, for remember, he deceives the whole world.

The whole world?

Yes! The Holy Scriptures clearly tell us that.

Now read this carefully:

'The great dragon was hurled down — that very old serpent called the Devil, or ha-Satán, who deceives the WHOLE WORLD into error. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.' - Revelation 12:9, Holy Scriptures

But will they not notice that it is not real honey but arsenic?

Do pagans notice that they are actually praying to stones, wood, cement and clay, and not the real Eternal Creator?

This is the reason why we are now waking them up from spiritual blindness and lethargy.

So the goat symbols of the pentagram, hexagrams and 'hearts' he simply substitutes for something palatable and acceptable, to bring people to ruin and with him in the burning furnace of hell.


The three fingers up represent three triangles pointing up; the three fingers pointing down represent the three triangles pointing down; and when these two are superimposed on top of each other, the hexagram symbol of satan appears. Neat trick.

You can find these secret signs, symbols and sigils of ha-satán commonly in churches, temples, plazas, malls, museums, colleges, university campuses and other establishments, and in homes and palaces, too.

Because Baphomet or satúr (the old, ugly and horned goat) is BISEXUAL, so all his idols, icons, statues, figurines and religious images can be both male and female; there's a male version and a female version.

Here below you can see that Baphomet has female breasts and also a gigantic male penis, being kissed, adored and guarded by two serpents on both sides.

This is called the Goat of Mendes, which is worshiped in a province called Mendes in Egypt.

So you must bear in mind that lo-ulhims or idols can be both male or female, because their source and progenitor is Baphomet, the BISEXUAL horny goat.

As can be read in the book of Acts 19, in the Holy Scriptures, the statue of Diana is also called Artemis.

Now look at this statue or idol which fell from heaven as mentioned in Acts 19:

The Statue of the Pagan Idol Artemis or Diana.
It has breasts, but it also has a penis - it is BISEXUAL!

Who really fell from heaven? Our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA spoke in Luke 10:18 that He saw ha-satán like a lightning fell from heaven.

And in Acts 19, it is inscribed that this idol is worshiped in the whole world! Really? How? Yes, it is...but surreptitiously or in an occult (hidden) manner.

So the pro-active movement of satan and his demons in the world today is to promote and encourage BISEXUALITY among all their ignorant victims. Males having long hair like females, and even the Greek idol Lord Jesus is also BISEXUAL - with a woman's hair, and not surprisingly female breasts, too, and a vagina besides.

This is the real Lord Je-ZEUS that millions are blindly worshiping - a BISEXUAL Greek idol.

Very disgusting, seriously.

No wonder many among his fanatics also turn into BISEXUALS, with rings on their fingers, ears, eyebrows, tongues, breasts, navels and other hidden parts of the body.

They're the blind followers of the Lord of the Rings ---> satan or the devil.

They are devil worshipers.

They are pagan idol worshipers, in reality. Knowingly or not, deliberate or not.

They are guilty anyway, in the eyes of the true Eternal Creator: YÁOHU UL, the Holy One of Yaoshorul (Israel).

Guilty means 'punishable' - subject to punishments and curses.

Look at the statues of the Greek pagan idol-statue commonly called Lord Je-ZEUS Krishna Christ, which has also BISEXUAL features. It has a macho beard, yet it also has a hair of a maiden. This is obvious BISEXUALITY of this Greek pagan idol.

No relation at all to the real Jewish Messiah.

The emissary Shaúl (Paul) would not have spoken of a man having a long hair as shameful and disgusting in 1 Cor. 11:14, if the real Messiah had long hair! Common sense.

Observe also the hidden symbology in the shape of its eyes, sculpted in Vesica Pisces forms, which is the secret symbol for the female genitalia or 'vagina' eyes.

This is a BISEXUAL pagan idol-statue of the Lord Je-ZEUS, the Greek counterfeit Messiah.

Men having long hair like women; while women having short hair like men, and wearing pants and other masculine attire or accessories, these are evidently BISEXUAL characteristics.

Women using artificial penises; men having sex-change operations, all this are at the instigation and wicked influence of Baphomet, the BISEXUAL horny old goat.

His victims are mostly Kri-saytans or Christians for short, because these people bear the name of their real spiritual father: Satan himself.

The name you bear reveals who your real parents are and family tree. Common sense.

In rock concerts, the avid fans raise their hands in Mano Cornuto (horned hand) manner, the female sigil of satan, while the rockers on stage use their hands in the male version of the sigil of satan (ring finger and middle finger together, while playing their electric guitars which are in the shape of a giant elongated penis with balls).

So a rock concert, in the spiritual realm, is really a grand sexual orgy of evil spirits, with their fanatics and victims doing as they are told.

The female audience copulating with the male rockers onstage.

No wonder everyone seems to be having a spiritual orgasm at its climax.

Diabolical, to say the least.

Because people with common sense would quickly reject and renounce satan when they actually see his ugliness, so he conditions the minds of ignorant guys and lesbians into looking for, lusting after and adoring big boobs (Baphomet has boobs too), and he conditions the minds of ignorant women and homos to look for, lust for and adore big penises (Baphomet has a big penis too).

During previous ages, even in the Middle East, Europe and other early civilizations, only evil spirits are presumed to have big penises, while holy men only has regular size penises.

You can discern these in the way they depict personages in their pagan statues, sculptures, idols, icons and murals.

Holy men have regular size penises; only demons and wicked men have big penises.

If you will recall the paintings, sculptures and murals in Europe, that is what you will find out.

For women statues and idols, virtuous women have moderate sized breasts.

Only prostitutes are depicted to have globular breasts, because those are their tools in their immoral business.

Remember the statue of David in Italy, the penis is regularly sized.

Although David was circumcised, and in the statue, he is not. Work of artisans.

But why does ha-satán engage in manipulating people to look for, lust for and adore globular female breasts and gigantic penises?

The objective is: When he finally shows himself frontally, his mentally-controlled victims will love his boobs and his penis, and ignore his ugly face and wicked plan to bring them to hell with him.

That's the trick. Like the pied-piper trick, but using boobs and dicks as baits to lure the ignorant into the never-ending fiery torments of hell.

His victims will hardly notice his ugly goat face, as ugly as the dragon, which is also his representation, and they will willingly obey and follow him because they were hypnotized with boobs and pricks.

This is his deceptive scheme.

What does satan use in his mind-conditioning and hypnotic activities?

Worldly television, movies, songs, newspapers, magazines and other media.

If you noticed, there are two snakes at the sides of Baphomet's penis, as if guarding it and licking it.

This licking of the penis is commonly seen in porno magazines and movies, both women and homosexual men doing it.

This is one the wicked activities in Sodom and Gomorrah, that's why they were judged and ruined.

This sexual activity is also included in the term 'sodomy' - because any sexual activity outside the noble purpose of procreation between legitimate husband and wife is reckoned as 'sodomy.'

Oral sex, anal sex, animal sex, and other lewd sexual activities are included in the general term: sodomy.

Those engaging in these immoral sexual activities are called 'sodomites.'

Baphomet is the instigator of all kinds of lewd sexual indulgences, outside of legitimate procreation between husband and wife, hence the two snakes beside his penis.

Severe punishments from YÁOHU UL Shuafát shall come to sodomites who lick penises and vaginas. Seriously.

You should have noticed the Olympic torch on top of the head of Baphomet, a clear evidence that the Olympic games are instigated and propagated by satan himself. That is why the Olympic flag contains several multicolored rings.

Secret symbols of the lord of the rings: Saturn, the devil again, in hiding.

Another occult (hidden) sigil or symbol which is unknown to many is the occult symbol called: Vesica Pisces, the symbol of the female sex organ or vagina, commonly used by Masons, Kri-saytans (Christians), in the Olympic flag, also the shape of the American football or rugby:

Look at the different styles of this occult (hidden) symbol of the Vesica Pisces Vagina:

See how many vaginas are depicted in this ball. The more occult symbols they have, the more penalties and curses they will receive!

This is the common Krisaytan symbol for 'fish' - another change-name tactic to deceive people into worshiping the vagina.

The intersections of the two partially overlapping circles symbolize the female sex organ, and these symbols are openly displayed by Kri-saytans, Masons and found also in the Olympic logo, corporate logos and used by other secret societies in their rituals.

You will also find this Vesica Pisces Vagina around the long penis of Baphomet.

Observe the expansive vagina around the big penis, signifying lustful, immoral and demonic sexual copulation.

Beware of this satanic symbol of the lord of the rings: Saturn again.

The ball used in soccer football is round filled with hexagram patterns all over it.

If you are a soccer fanatic, then you are actually a devotee of Satan also. Seriously.

Look at the hexagrams (demons) in these soccer footballs:

These footballs are burning in the torments of hell while waiting for the arrivals of their victimized fanatics. So be careful!

Another tool of ha-satán into diverting the service, adoration and worship of people unto him, away from YÁOHU UL the Eternal Creator, is thru the use of the 'mother-and-child' idol.

These 'mother-and-child' statues are widespread in the pagan world, under different guises and names, but the same Babylonian origins.

Observe below how satan has changed the names, costumes and facial features of his 'mother-and-child' icon or statue, to lure the ignorant pagans into worshiping the statue.

As long as he steals the adoration and veneration of the people away from YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator, and causing the ruin of many, then satan is delighted to continue in his work of deception.

Because he uses the natural tendency of people to care for their natural mothers and children, so satan uses this as an entry point in stealing people's loyalty away from the true Creator: YÁOHU UL Yaoshorúl.

We must only serve, adore and worship YÁOHU UL because He is the only true Eternal Creator.

We must never worship any mother or child or anyone or anything else in this universe.

YÁOHU UL severely punishes those who worship idols, and the punishment is up to the third and fourth generations.

It's a family curse that YÁOHU UL inflicts (permissively) on those who worship idols, statues, figurines, images and other pagan religious altars, showing they reject Him.

We must serve and worship YÁOHU UL only, and not mothers, not children, and not even any other family member or relative.

These statues, idols, images and icons are called 'lo-ulhim' which literally means 'not creators' or 'not all-powerful ones', because they were merely handcrafted by carpenters, masons and artisans.

Man-made, therefore, not Eternal Creators. Counterfeit Eternal Creators.

What must a person do to be sure that he suffers forever in hell with satan in the next life?

Nothing much really.

All a person has to do is to go along with the crowd, do what is commonly done by many and follow the herd.

Walk on the wide and easy way that leads to ruin.

This way, this individual is guaranteed his or her cubicle in the furnace of hell — forever.

This is the reason why our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA commanded us: That we must not copy or imitate the customs, behavior and activities of this sinful world, because wide and easy is the way that leads to eternal ruin, and many walk in that way.

While narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life and only a few find it.

This is clearly written in the Holy Scriptures (Yaohúshua Version).

Evil spirits and demons have some power so YÁOHU UL can test the people's loyalty to Him; whether they are really seeking the true Eternal Creator or if they are merely after signs, wonders, healings and miracles.

'Suppose there are prophets among you or those who dream dreams about the future, and they promise you signs or miracles, and the predicted signs or miracles occur.

If they then speak: Come, let us worship those idols — other strange idols — do not hearken to them.

YÁOHU UL, your Eternal Creator, is merely testing you to see if you truly love Him with all your heart and soul.

Serve only YÁOHU UL, your Eternal Creator, and reverentially fear Him alone.

Obey His commands, hearken to His voice, and cling to Him.

The false prophets or visionaries who try to lead you into error must be put to death, for they encourage rebellion against YÁOHU UL, your Eternal Creator, Who redeemed you from slavery and brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Because they try to lead you into error and from the way YÁOHU UL, your Eternal Creator has commanded you to live, they must be condemned to death.

In this way you will purge the evil from among you.'

- Debarím (Deuteronomy) 13:1-5, Holy Scriptures


Now, one of the consequences of worshiping the pentagram and the hexagram is the worship of the BLACK CUBE or black square solid box.

This is why in the temple of the nations in the United Nations building in New York, there is this BLACK CUBE, being prayed to, adored and worshiped.

Who is hiding inside this BLACK CUBE that is secretly being worshiped?

Take a look below please:

This BLACK CUBE is another secret sigil or symbol of satúr or ha-satán, our archenemy.

You can find many examples of this BLACK CUBE in malls, plazas, parks and other public places, and even in art galleries, museums and college campuses.

But how is this BLACK CUBE or BLACK BOX connected to ha-satán?

Remember when we spoke about the image of a pentagram inside a hexagram on top of the planet Saturn?

Here below is a graphic representation of that natural occurrence over there.

Now look at the center point carefully, intently and with keen discernment.

Imagine the center point to be nearer you in 3-D visualization or your 3-D imagination, and you will eventually discern the BLACK CUBE or BLACK BOX.

You have to focus your vision on the midpoint or center, and imagine that point is closer to you, using your 3-D imaging capabilities, and you will discern the BLACK BOX.

You have to look at it longer and don't stop until you can really see the BLACK BOX!

Hexagram all around, with the pentagram inside, and the BLACK CUBE appears, which he now uses as his sigil or symbol.

That is why it is called 'occult' which literally means 'hidden or concealed' - not obvious to the untrained eye.

Similar to this is the Kaaba or bigger BLACK CUBE which the Muslims worship in Mecca.

You know that those who belong to the false religion of Islam also worships this BLACK CUBE, which means, they also worship ha-satán, because the BLACK CUBE is his sigil or symbol.

There is also another BLACK CUBE that is being worshiped by those belonging to the Synagogue of Satan, or the false religion of Judaism, and this BLACK CUBE made of leather is found on their foreheads.

This is also satanic worship, in disguise.

The Word can be written and placed inside round containers or simply along the bands of leather, if they really interpret that verse literally, though the verse really meant for one to always keep the Word in mind.

It does not necessarily have to be in a BLACK CUBE, unless there is a secret wicked instigator (Satan) hiding behind that BLACK BOX religious tradition.

But we Yaohúshuahim are in the light of this world, Who is our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, that's why we can see the truth in the light of the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA, so we won't be tricked, deceived and victimized by this secret, hidden enemy: ha-satán or satúr, the dragon, the serpent and tempter.

You will also observe that when you open the sides of this BLACK CUBE, that it forms out in the shape of a cross, another evidence that the cross is satan's symbol, because our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA was not impaled on a pagan cross but on a stake or pole.

This is very clearly declared in the Holy Scriptures.

The commonly believed shape of the Kri-saytan cross is nothing but an unfolded BLACK CUBE, and now you know that the BLACK CUBE is satan's secret sigil or symbol.

What is occult is the BLACK SQUARE CUBE and not rectangular shapes nor in other colors.

Because the New Jerusalem from heaven is also foursquare or CUBIC in shape, but not black in color and not solidly monochromatic.

But what is really being worshiped in Mecca by those Muslims?

There they worship the BLACK CUBE, similar to that found in the United Nations temple in New York City.

(Notice that this universal temple has all kinds of idols, icons and symbols, and the worshiper must simply select which ones among them he or she wants to pray to, and face it frontally in prayer and worship. This is like an idol vending machine. Select which one you prefer and kneel in front of it. All-around selections. Ridiculous!)


But what is inside that Kaaba BLACK CUBE in Mecca that the Muslims are really worshiping?

They are actually worshiping a meteorite which 'fell from heaven' and the doctrine of demons in that false religion is the member who views, or touches the meteorite will inherit eternal life.

This is the reason why each Muslim must go to Mecca to see or touch or kiss that meteorite if he or she wants to acquire eternal life. Another lunacy.

They hate religious idols of the Kri-saytans, but they also worship a stone, a meteorite, that is inside the BLACK CUBE. These are all satanic religious rituals!

They also worship the crescent moon, the star, the BLACK CUBE and the meteorite! Idolaters also. So when they condemn others as idolaters, they are condemning themselves, too.

Look at these photos carefully and observe, so you will avoid them, at all costs!

Here you will see the pentagram inside the hexagram which is discernible on the north pole of the planet Saturn, which satan uses as his sigil or symbol. Again, focus on the midpoint and use your 3-D imagination to visualize the midpoint nearer you and you will discern the CUBE or the BOX. Take a very careful look. You are looking at a CUBE or a BOX!

This is the box with sides unfolded that reveals the shape of the pagan cross, another secret symbol of satan, the hidden trickster and deceiver of mankind.

This is the BLACK CUBE made of leather that members of the Synagogue of Satan put on their foreheads, not realizing they are actually worshiping the sigil or symbol of satan. May they see the light and repent.

This is the meteorite which is on the side of the Kaaba BLACK CUBE of the Muslims in Mecca which they worship as their rock idol.

Here you can see the fanatic member trying to kiss the meteorite in worshipful reverence; this is clear meteorite worship, which is idolatrous!

This is the Kaaba (BLACK CUBE) in Mecca which every Muslim must go to if he wants to be saved by the sacred meteorite being kept inside it.

Even Abbas and his cohorts worship this meteorite in Mecca.

May YÁOHU UL Rukhemán (the Merciful One) have mercy on those who are deceived and tricked by ha-satán, man's archenemy.

Because they selected to worship mere creatures rather than seek and acknowledge YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator of the universe, they became fools.

Every Muslim must go to Mecca at least once in his lifetime in order to touch or see the meteorite on the BLACK CUBE or Kaaba in Mecca. Notice that the name itself reveals the real hidden instigator behind that ritual: Kaba or Kabales or Kubela, Cybeles, the pagan goddess of the earth.

Statue of Cybeles or Kubela, commonly called 'Mother Nature' by the pagan world.

Where did people of this world receive these doctrines, teachings and indoctrinations from the pits of hell? These Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese and other pagan mythologies and legends?

From worldly schools, colleges and universities. Common sense.

Because the teachings in the worldly system of education is Baal based, pagan in concept and atheistic.

But they teach legends, mythologies, evolution, atheism and false prophecies as truths.

It's also another false religion, in disguise as education.

That's why you see mortar hats, toga gowns, fraternities, sororities and other Greek-based symbols, words and belief systems. Really Greek because gee-ZEUS is the idolatrous Greek God worshiped by majority in this world.

But why do they pray to, call on and worship a Greek pagan idol, when they are not Greeks at all?

Because there is someone hiding who is deceiving them into worshiping idols, statues and icons!

And who is the idol that really fell from heaven like a blazing meteorite or lightning-like?

Their spiritual father, of course, satan himself!

Take a look at other fotos where you can observe ha-satán hiding in disguise, so he can surreptitiously and deceitfully steal people's adoration and worship.

Another name for this satanic BLACK CUBE is the Cube of Kabbalah.

You see, in the word Kabbalah, you will find the concealed names of Kubela (Cybeles) and Allah also.

Kab-ALLAH - mix and match religion of Cybeles and the pagan moon idol Allah.

Pity Madonna, victimized by this false belief system of Kubela and Allah.

The term 'CUBE' originated from the idol goddes Cybeles or Kubeles, one among the many pantheon of idols and gods of the Greeks and Romans.

She is whom the world commonly calls 'Mother Nature' or 'Mother Earth' - goddess of the planet Earth.

There are two basic objective of this BLACK CUBIC religious belief system by Cybeles, as adopted by the United Nations, because she is their mother goddess:


1. To imprison the minds of the masses inside the box.

People must not learn to think out of the box; they must only think what they want them to think and nothing else.

This is massive mind-control.

They in the United Nations will decide what people should think, or talk about or be preoccupied with.

Not you, not the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA (Holy Spirit of YAOHÚSHUA), but them.

They will dictate and manipulate how you think and what you think about.

How? Through worldly news, radio, television broadcasts, newspapers, the web and other media.

People must think on what today's breaking news are, they must not think out of what is fed them daily thru news reports and advocacy ads.

Their BLACK CUBE is the symbol of the prison cell of the minds of millions.

This is the reason why we always meditate upon the Word of our YÁOHU UL, and not on the daily news reports, so our minds will not be imprisoned inside the giant BLACK CUBE of the nations.

We always THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Because we have the mind of our Ro-éh (Shepherd) YAOHÚSHUA!

Your minds will never be incarcerated in the prison cell of Cube or Kubeles, because your mind is focused on Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and His Word every minute of the day, and in hourly obeying His commands thru the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA Who is with us and inside us.

Greater is the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA in us than all that is the world.

You will not believe, serve nor worship Mother Nature or anything that is merely created by YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator.

It is not wrong to eat meat, because the priests in the Holy Temple of YÁOHU UL eat the meats of beef and sheep.

In the table of our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, when we shall have dinner with Him, one of our dishes will be choice steak! Along with sweet red wine.

Animal-rights advocates are now spreading their doctrine that people should not buy big eggs because the fowls suffer by laying big eggs.

Their false doctrines cause people to go hungry and become malnourished.

They are moving toward the dark ages and famine for the masses, even in the midst of plenty.

You must not permit the pagan goddess Cybeles or Kubeles to separate you from the benefits of nature.

Why? Because our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA has given us, His co-heirs, all the world to use for His glory, praise and renown!

We do not permit ourselves to be enslaved by the ruinous doctrines of Kubeles or Mother Nature. We do not permit our minds, convictions and beliefs to be imprisoned in her Cuba or Cube.

So you must never permit them to dictate what you will think about daily. Never!

The RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA will dictate to us what Words to meditate upon, every minute of the day. Not the news reporters, commentators and other preachers of Cybeles, the BLACK CUBE and United Nations workers.


2. Another sinister objective of the pagan goddess Cybeles or Kubeles is to promote earth-worship among the masses.

Everyone must worship the planet Earth.

This planet must not be touched, it is endangered, animals must not be used for food, plants, birds and fish must be preserved for future generations.

Even if millions of children are malnourished all over the world, yet they have the audacity to spread their earth-worship doctrines.

Their overall purpose is TO SEPARATE humans from nature, and from all things natural, and they hide their wicked schemes behind the propaganda tactic of using euphemisms: meaning, using palatable words to hide sinister schemes.

This is why you often hear about environmental protection, forest reserve, animal reserve, marine reserve, and all kinds of reserves, so the territorial claim of Cybeles is getting wider in geographical scope each day all throughout the world, and people are becoming imprisoned in limited available spaces!

Isn't that what the BLACK CUBE is really all about?

And satan is at his sinister task day and night, deceiving people thru mass media and stealing from the human race, because precisely for this purpose the thief (satan) came: to STEAL, to KILL and RUIN people.

If only people could eat the animals in Africa, many won't go hungry.

But why couldn't they eat the animals around them?

Because of the RESERVES set by the pagan goddess Kubela or Cybeles of the BLACK CUBE.

In reality, YÁOHU UL gave to mankind the dominion and authority over this whole planet Earth, and not to Cybeles or Kubela.

So she has not right to usurp our authority since we are co-heirs with Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, to Whom all authority in heaven and on earth has been given by YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator.

YÁOHU UL, the Eternal Creator, has the sole right to whom He wants to give any part or all of His created universe.

The Eternal Creator decides, not the BLACK CUBE, not the usurper, not satan!

Animal-rights advocates are also indoctrinating the ignorant masses that they should stop drinking cow's milk, but drink milk from rats and cats instead. What? Seriously.

And they even have animal-rights lawyers now. Your dog, cat or hamster can sue you if you do not feed them properly according to their whims and caprices. What? Seriously.

They became idiots, by following the teachings of Mother Nature or the goddess Kubela and her BLACK CUBE, which is the symbol of satan himself.

See what is happening in the country of Cuba now, all of them are imprisoned like in a BLACK CUBE, and if they attempt to escape, they risk death by drowning or imprisonment.

Why? Because they bear the name of Kubela or the Cube.

The objective: To separate people from what is in nature and from what is natural.

So begins the indoctrination on the rights to same-sex marraige, sex-change, gender-bending, sex with animals, marriage between close relatives, promiscuity among the elderly, sodomy, homosexuality, menage-a-trois, orgies, and other intoxicating drinks and drugs.

Anything unnatural must be promoted, commands the mother goddess.

And so run her blind minions and adherents, indoctrinating many others all over the world.

Mother (female) and then Nature (or satúr - male), another BISEXUAL statue or idol.

And she wears short hair like a man. Cybeles or Kubela is BISEXUAL. Disgusting.

No wonder they are promoting BISEXUALITY, homosexuality and other unnatural behavior and activities.

Those who claim that they are females, yet wear short hair and masculine attire, are really BISEXUALS. Those who claim that they are males, yet behave, and wear women's clothing and accessories, or have long hair, wearing rings on their ears and navels, are really BISEXUALS.

They are the children of Baphomet, that BISEXUAL old and ugly, horny goat.

Though most of them are also disciples of the Lord Jesus Krishna, who is also a BISEXUAL Greek pagan idol or statue, because Baphomet is the spiritual father of all BISEXUALS.

They are all so far from what is natural.

They were deceived by satan because they were fond of following after the latest craze and fashion of the wicked world.

They are in very miserable condition and may YÁOHU UL have mercy on them.

This is the reason why we are earnestly spreading the Glorious Message of the real Messiah YAOHÚSHUA, the only true Savior, the glory and praise of Yaoshorul (Israel).

Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA came to give people life and life more enhanced: spiritually, mentally and physically.

Now, in order to make it possible for them to command the obedience of the masses, they use two magic words.

And these two magic words are GLOBAL and SUSTAINABLE.

GLOBAL - implies they are not to be blamed; everyone must obey without any objection, and whoever does not obey must be ostracized and penalized.

'OB' - familiar spirits are their Baal or Lord: GLOBAL.

SUSTAINABLE - Zeus, Satan is Abul or their father. Sustainable.

So whenever you hear the magic words 'Global' and 'Sustainable' - quickly, cover your ears, ignore what they are saying, and rebuke those words, so they won't apply to you, neither affect you in any way.

Global warming, global climate change, global this, global that, global crisis, global economy, global challenge, and many other globals and sustainables, they allege.

As if they are not the ones causing all those crises.

When you hear those two magic words, that is your clue that those are indoctrinations of Kubeles, and the BLACK CUBE (Satan). They are also promoting their own mythological religion, in disguise.

Now you can clearly see the mind-control tactics being used by the God of this world, who is satan himself.

So when you hear the words 'Global' and 'Sustainable' - right there you know it is a doctrine from satan.

We shall never be deceived nor defeated by ha-satán because Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA has given to us all authority over all the power of the enemy! Satan has no longer any power over us.

So please always safekeep olyanu, YÁOHU UL Shuamrúl, our Defense and Shield.

In the southern portion of the planet Saturn, satan whipped up a hurricane in the shape the 'all-seeing eye' and this he also uses as one of his sigils and symbols.

You can see this 'all-seeing eye' in the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, on top of the satanic pyramid.

The 'all-seeing eye' is one of satan's symbols. It has nothing to do at all with our Eternal YÁOHU UL.

You can find this 'all-seeing eye' in churches, temples and masonic lodges or worship halls of Masons. Masons really worship Lucifer, don't be deceived.

You must avoid all contacts and associations with Masons for they are satan's disciples.

Here below you will find the idol called Janus, or the God of Doors.

This is Janus in the original version of the pagans.

This is Janus in its BISEXUAL version of the pagans.

This idol or God Janus is the pagan God of doors and change, and it is this pagan idol which the whole world glorifies during New Year's Eve.

(Note: The word 'Eve' actually refers to the 'serpent.'
The true Hebrew name of our first mother was Khavyáo, and not Eve.

You will only find the name Eve in the adulterated versions of the Holy Scriptures. Beware.)

So in this pagan celebration in honor of Janus, the whole world engages in drunkenness, orgies, carnal merriment and all sorts of debauchery.

Another proof that this is a pagan celebration and all who participate in it are guilty or punishable before YÁOHU UL, our Eternal Creator.

This is why they call the month January, which was derived from Janus, the pagan idol of doors and change. The left face is toward the past year; the right face toward the new year.

Christmas lanterns and decorations are also symbols and sigils of satan, because it is his birthday celebration, that is why his symbol is what pagans put on top of their Christmas Trees.

Satan is the real celebrant during Christmas Day, not the real Messiah YAOHÚSHUA.

And in pagan countries, it is customary to prepare a whole roast pig on the table and put an apple in its mouth, and this has been done in honor of the Greek idol jee-ZEUS from times past.

If you will recall, there were many pigs in that place where our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA drove out the demons from one possessed man.

Why? Because in that place there was a temple devoted to jee-ZEUS and those who worship in that pagan temple or make pilgrimages there have to buy pigs to be used as offerings or sacrifices to the idol jee-ZEUS.

But why do people offer pigs as sacrifices to the pagan idol jee-ZEUS? Because according to the teachings of demons propagated among pagans was that pigs have long sexual orgasms, that last as long as thirty minutes.

The doctrine of demon was: if you offer a pig to the Lord jee-ZEUS, you too will experience prolonged sexual orgasmic ecstasy!

Really diabolical, to say the least.

Whether you believe or not that Kri-saytanity is a satanic religion, it really is.

These Christmas lanterns clearly depict pentagrams which are obvious symbols of satan.

Think on all these and the RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA will convince your hearts that these are true.

The dragon is another symbol of satan, according to the Holy Scriptures.

What most people do are according to the teachings, doctrines, ritual and ceremonies of satan and his religious evil spirits.

They were deceived because they did not seek the real Eternal Creator Who made them.

Now read what the emissary Shaúl (Paul) speaks to people of this wicked world.

This is the timely and appropriate message of YÁOHU UL to you now. Please read carefully:

For I am not ashamed of this Glorious Message about ha-MEHUSHKHÁY (the Messiah). It is the power of YÁOHU UL at work, saving everyone who believes — the Jew first and also the Gentile.

This Glorious Message tells us how YÁOHU UL makes us right in His sight. This is carried out from beginning to end by faith. As the Scriptures say, 'It is through faith that an upright person has life.'

But YÁOHU UL shows His anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.

They know the truth about YÁOHU UL because He has made it obvious to them.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything YÁOHU UL made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities — His perpetual power and heavenly nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing YÁOHU UL.

Yes, they knew YÁOHU UL, but they wouldn’t worship Him as their Eternal Creator or even give Him thanks. And they began to think up silly ideas of what YÁOHU UL was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused.

Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter idiots.

And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living YÁOHU UL, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.

Therefore YÁOHU UL abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other's bodies.

They traded the truth about YÁOHU UL for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things YÁOHU UL created instead of the Creator Himself, Who is worthy of eternal praise! Am-nám.

That is why YÁOHU UL abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other.

And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.

Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge YÁOHU UL, He abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.

Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip.

They are backstabbers, haters of YÁOHU UL, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents.

They refuse to comprehend, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy.

They know YÁOHU UL’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.

You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things.

And we know that YÁOHU UL, in His justice, will punish anyone who does such wicked activities.

Since you judge others for doing these activities, why do you think you can avoid YÁOHU UL's judgment when you do the same activities?

Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient YÁOHU UL is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can't you see that His kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

But because you are stubborn and refuse to turn from your sin, you are gathering up terrible punishment for yourself. For a day of anger is coming, when YÁOHU UL's just judgment will be revealed.

He will judge everyone according to what they have done.

He will give eternal life to those who keep on doing right, seeking after the glory and honor and immortality that YÁOHU UL offers.

But He will pour out His anger and wrath on those who live for themselves, who refuse to obey the truth and instead live lives of wickedness.

There will be trouble and calamity for everyone who keeps on doing what is evil — for the Jew first and also for the Gentile.

But there will be glory and honor and peace from YÁOHU UL for all who do what is right — for the Jew first and also for the Gentile.

For YÁOHU UL does not show favoritism.

- Romans 1:16-2:11, Holy Scriptures

So what must you do now?

You must repent and renounce and get rid of all kinds of the objects, rituals, symbols, sigils, tarot cards, gambling cards, crystal balls, valentine hearts, pentagrams, hexagrams, idols, statues, icons, images, pagan religious altars, black cubes, horoscopes, hamsa symbol (which is actually an inverted penis, when you really look at it with discerning eyes) and throw away all other wicked things and disconnect from all other activities of satan.

We love our Yaoshorúl (Israel) but we don't like the current symbol in its flag. Let's pray one day they will change that symbol in that flag to something more meaningful and without wicked hidden connection.

You must also vocally cut off their wicked and harmful influences and power in your life.

You will no longer believe in nor engage in fortune telling, christmas celebrations, praying to the dead in cemeteries, birthday celebrations, new year's celebrations, and other pagan feasts and observances.

Whether you believe or not that the sun will rise tomorrow, it will. Whether you believe or not that YÁOHU UL, the true Eternal Creator, severely punishes those who worship and serve satan, He does.

So better repent now and renounce all kinds of wicked activities. And remember to renounce satan himself! And his demons.

Drive them out of your family, home and business!

Turn to YÁOHU UL in humble repentance, admitting your sins, and receive Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA as your own Life-Governor and only Savior-Messiah.

You are free, you are delivered and you are whole!

You have now been set free from all lies, deceptions and bondages instigated by ha-satán! We now set you completely free olyaod hol DAM, gam Shúam we Molaokim shuaol Gaúl, Shuamrúl, Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, am-nám!

Let us now altogether make the following vocal declaration, with all faith and power, meaning it from your heart:

I now renounce all kinds of wicked objects, symbols and sigils of satúr, satéer and satór, like pentagrams, hexagrams, tarot cards, witchcraft, black magic, crystal balls, fortune telling, black cubes, crosses, horoscopes, pagan birthday celebrations, birthday cakes and candles, body and finger rings, lord of the rings, and all kinds of mother-and-child worship, the all-seeing eye and all other rituals, ceremonies, signs, and symbols of satúr, and all activities involving ha-satán, and we not cut off and render powerless all their connections, influences and powers in our lives. I now renounce Satan, Satúr, Satéer, the Devil himself all of satanic involvements, activities, object, sigils and symbols!

And I now use the DAM (blood), gam Shúam (Name) we Molyao-Ul (Word) of Molkhiúl Shuamrúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, in this invalidation and cancellation declaration.

For whatever we do not give permission here on earth is not given permission in heaven!

Yaohod oleh, ol Shúam Gabrúl, Gaúl, Molkhiúl, Shuamrúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, am-nám!

Practical Application: Because you are DOERS of the Word and not hearers only, you will now inspect all your belongings and household to inspect and clean them up, and discard, throw away, and completely remove from your home and surroundings all kinds of wicked occult objects, sigils and symbols of satan.

What is important is your own safety and well-being, not the costs of those wicked objects.

Don't hesitate throwing them away because that is so much better than to be lying under the green, green grass of a memorial park.

If you refuse to obey and remain stubborn, YÁOHU UL promised that you will long to die rather than live when His punishments hits you and your children.

When you obey, there will no longer be any hindrance to YÁOHU UL's blessing and work, favors and healing, repair and reparations in your life and family.

Your children and grandchildren will not be victimized by idols, icons and religious evil spirits.

No more bisexuals, homosexuals and other aberrant and unnatural sexual behaviors.

It is not embarrassing to be mistaken, because all have made mistakes in life. What is embarrassing is to continue doing wrong after having been reproved and shown what is right and wrong.

Be grateful because Ohol YAOHÚSHUA is where you hear the truth proclaimed, the truth that hurts and is painful, but it delivers people from all works of darkness.

Because faith without active diligent works is the dead kind of faith. It does not save. Only real, proactive faith that works through love can save anyone.

The real meaning of the word kokmaúl (wisdom) is you apply in practice what you have learned from YÁOHU UL's revelation to you based upon His Holy Word.

Altogether again: We are all free, we are delivered, we are healed, and we are whole!

Always...all the time...!

Olyaod ha-usdayáo, gah yaohushkháy we ozulyáo shuaól RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA, Who teaches us and always leads us into all that is right and true.

The RÚKHA-YAOHÚSHUA leads us into all QOSHOTYÁ or truth because our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA is the QOSHOTYÁ or the Truth!

Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA came to throw light upon the wicked works of satan, and to ruin those evil works, and that is what we also do: we expose and cancel the works of satan in the lives of those who will believe in the real Messiah YAOHÚSHUA.

Ohavúl gam shua-oléym (in love and peace)....

Ol Shúam Gabrúl, Shuamrúl, Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, am-nám...!


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